Our Security Services

At Risk Control Services we have a team of skilled and professional individuals that will ensure everything that is important to you are safe and secure at all times. We have a wide variety of security services to choose from, as well as customised solutions to suit your needs.


Installation and constant onsite monitoring of all cameras to ensure that no theft, vandalism or loitering occurs.

Floor Patrol

Patrolling the inside of the premises during and after working hours ensuring that no theft occurs.

Private/Residential Security

Performing patrols, checks and other security duties at the premises to safeguard tenants, residents and visitors.

Clocking and Monitoring

Buildings or sites can be fitted with a clocking and monitoring system, which will read when and where the security guards are and at what specific time. This is to ensure that guards are doing patrols at all times of the day and night.

Perpetual Stock Counts

Performing random daily stock counts to control stock levels and highlight any potential problem areas.

Armed Response

Our security officer will hold a panic button to an armed response guard in the area who will provide full backup

Access Control

Performing constant checks and searches on staff members and visitors upon entering and leaving the premises. We also perform night shift patrols before and after trading hours.

Entry Control

Checking on the safety of all tenants, residents and visitors entering and leaving the premises. We also deter crime and vandalism by ensuring that no intruders are attempting to enter the premises.


Performing any other security tasks which ensure the smooth running of the premises including red/fire doors, emergency exits, patrols before and after hours, and private escorting of residents.

Let us secure everything that is important to you.

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